News reaches us of a stunning internet rewards scheme known as the Xbox 360 free offer. This plan is one of a kind and it is arguably quite unbeatable for value.

Many gamers are in the unfortunate position of having to plough on using very old-fashioned hardware. Its nothing new in this recession, but it is still a matter of concern for those who are unable to fund their habit in the way they could in better days. Pretty soon you reach the point of no return, which is when the latest games either do not load on your old machine, or they suffer from poor performance due to a slow CPU or some other technical reason.

If you have already reached that stage, but are gnashing your teeth due to lacking the available funds to splash out on a new machine, perhaps the Xbox 360 free offer would be right up your street. Some may fear scams and rip offs, but in this case the offer is totally legit.

To win big with this offer, the trick is to follow it through from start to finish. Simply registering on the website is not enough as sitting back will not earn you the necessary rewards to win the prize of a brand new Xbox. This scheme rewards those who stick to their guns and who recognize that some participation in subscriptions and offers trials is 100 per cent required to make it through to the ultimate prize of this Xbox 360 free offer.